[Note: The post first appeared on hash14’s blog]

We bootstrapped this little startup of ours with zero investment two years ago. Since I had no prior experience running a business i wanted to give it a shot and understand everything about this business, being a technology consultant, building products for clients and helping them scale to large user base. Over the last two years we have learnt so much that we now have started advising young and early stage startups (our clients) on how to go about building their product and making it a success.

We have done a lot of experiments in the past and learnt things the hard way — and now we are planning to raise the bar a bit more. We’re rebranding, moving into a better office, hiring more developers and executing things in a much better way. To provide an even more better service for our customers.

When we started out first, we decided to do what we know best, building products. Though there are a lot of people and company that are into technology consulting, very few are capable of doing it the best. They either lack the quality or the commitment. Well, that’s what we want to change.

We want to make outsourcing of technology painless and easy for startups and small companies. If you ask our clients they will tell you about our work and the kind of support they get. Making outsourcing painless is one thing and the other is, to build error-less and high quality products. We’ve been doing that for the last two years and now we are getting even better.

We hope to expand our clientele much faster this year. Building amazing products and making it big. Wish us good luck and watch this space for more updates. Thank you. Also, give us a hi5 if you like the new name and logo 🙂

Checkout our new website http://hash14.com/