We had a great time at the Chennai Geeks meetup today. The topic was “React JS for beginners” (based on people’s vote) and more than 50 people turned up.

Vysakh Sreenivasan was the speaker, and his session was Amazing. He started the code demo with basic vanilla JS and moved on to React step by step, comparing both the code of vanilla JS and React to show people how React really works and what it does to the DOM.

He also showed us how to use Npm, Components, DOM render, handling events, ES6, JSX syntax and etc. The session was interactive, people asked a lot of questions and made sure they learn all the basic essentials of React before leaving the room.



Thanks to Vysakh for taking the time to be there with us. Also, Thanks to folks at OrangeScape for hosting us today — Suhail, Venkatesh, Dinesh and Suresh Sambandam.

People are more interested in having JS related sessions like, Angular, Vue JS, Node JS, React-Native and so on. If any of you are interested in doing a talk on any of the above topics for the next meetup, let me know. Also please feel free to give us your suggestions on how we can improve this meetup or what kind of events would you like to attend in the future.