One Line intro

Hey there! I’m Magesh, an entrepreneur, technologist, mentor and an open source evangelist. You can get in touch with me through twitter @iMagesh.

Quick Intro

I’m Magesh, Founder and CEO at Hash14, a software company that does both consulting and training. I’ve worked for a few good startups and SME’s in Chennai which adds up to my 8 years of technical and corporate experience. I’m passionate about Technology, Ruby and open source Softwares. I love blogging, tweeting and socializing at tech. and startup events.

Big Intro

I’m Magesh, Founder and CEO at Hash14, a software company that does both consulting and training. I specialize in Ruby on Rails and have 8 years of corporate experience working with Open source tools and Ruby based web frameworks. I also love mentoring people that I’ve recently started teaching technology for college students helping them gain that extra confidence to bootstrap their own startup while in college.

Previously I was part of a Sequoia-backed startup, which was a very popular marketplace for niche design and handcrafted products in India. Apart from that, I have also worked for few more SME’s in India. Soon after completing college back in 2009 I used to freelance during free time, I was helping professionals and companies set up their website and blog using WordPress and drupal. In the same year, I co-founded a technology magazine called GeexHQ which was quite popular in Chennai. I used to interview local entrepreneurs, cover technology and startup events.

While i was working for a small startup after college, I was part of the organizing team for a variety of conferences and unconferences like Barcamp, TEDxChennai, and I’m also an active member of few tech and startup communities here in Chennai. Chennai Geeks, Open Coffee Club and FKM to name a few.

I’m totally passionate about technology and startups. Love the way how people use technology to solve real life problems. I also love reading or hearing stories about startups and amazing entrepreneurs. Most of the time during weekends I go around the city shaking hands with strangers at local technology and startup events, love meeting like-minded people and making new friends. I’m not an avid reader but recently starting reading few startup books after realizing the importance of it.

Some of my friends call me a health freak because I talk more about consuming healthy food and drinks from time to time. I like being fit and eating healthy food although I don’t get to exercise much these days but I often go for a walk or cycle along the east coast trying to balance it.

I like to watch movies that are inspiring. Friends, Big bang theory, Dexter, Breaking Bad and Game of thrones are some of the tv series I love the most. I don’t have the habit of following sports on tv although I like to play few. I often dream about traveling around the world, go hiking, trekking and experience all those adventures but I have never done that — would try some of it soon. Alright, Think I’ve told enough. To know more talk to me 🙂 Say hi on twitter @iMagesh.