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Linux folks, Ransomware attacks can happen to you too

Everyone has been talking about this ‘WannaCry Ransomware’ attack for the past few days. My Facebook TL is filled with links and articles on the same.

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CG React JS Meetup

We had a great time at the Chennai Geeks meetup today. The topic was “React JS for beginners” (based on people’s vote) and around 50 people turned up.

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Building Chatbots – Chennai Geeks Meetup

Here’s a quick summary of the Chennai Geeks December Meetup, this event was about “Building Chatbots”

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Organizing a community event – Chennai Geeks Functional Programming Workshop

How we organised a workshop for the Chennai Geeks community

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We are Hash14 Now

Yes, We have got a new name and a little make over. Do you like it?

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A Day In My Shopo Life

There is fun, work, and lot of start-up lessons filled in my everyday life

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My Ruby on Rails Talk at Chennai Geeks Meetup (2012)

Gave a talk at the chennai geeks club

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Mobile Camp Chennai at IIT

Gave a tech talk at Mobile Camp, IIT Madras

Posted on Jan 31st 2011  •   1 comment


Hi everybody..! This post is to share my experience at the Open Source India Tech Days ‘09, actually i was there for the last two days but missed the first day ( not being able to bunk my internal assesment tests) I really enjoyed my time there at the Chennai Trade Center Hall. I attended […]

Posted on Mar 14th 2009  •   10 comments